About us

Who are we?

Hi, we are Floop. We are a Dutch company that makes 2D photos into 3D by adding depth to your photo. We are being helped by a rescued alien from the planet of Floopiana. We treat him well, no worries. If you also like to have your photos printed in 3D, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.

Are you hiring?

We will post positions on our Linkedin page if we need people.


Return and refund policy

All personal prints can not be returned or will be not be refunded. Unless it is clearly damaged upon arrival, of which we should be notified asap. In which case we will print you another copy. If you feel you have another demand on which to return or refund your purchase please feel free to contact us via our contact which can be found on our home page under contact page


What is a Floop?

A Floop is a photo in which you can see depth, just like in a 3D movie, but without using glasses. The material we print the photo on is made form tiny rows of micro lenses (lenticular) that present a separate image to each eye. We use mathematics and AI to recreate the natural depth in your original 2D photo so you can print almost any photo in your library with depth.

Can you create depth for any photo?

Yes, but not all photos have the content that would make it stand out in 3D properly.

Generally speaking, if you have a scene with a large "field of depth", you should see it in the Floop as well. But studio photos with an even background, or photos with a scene that is flat by itself, are less suitable.

Drawings or paintings are tricky and usually do not convert well with our algorithms.

Can you also convert drawings to 3D?

No, we only Floop photos of realistic pictures. If we Floop a drawing, we have no idea how the picture will come out, but it could be a new abstract artwork for sure.

Can I experience a floop digitally?

Nope, a Floop is a physical product, you should try it. It's, fun! You can hold it in your hands and give it to friends. Let’s get physical.

We however show some gifs and videos on our site that show you the different images you seen when you look at your Floop from different angles. This will give you an indication of the depth, but it does not compare to a real Floop.

If I move my head, the image moves/jumps back, what is that?

Ah, we can tell you have admired a Floop. The flipping back of an image is due to the angle you look at it. The lenses the Floops are made of, present a different image for both your eyes, which gives you the experience of depth. At specific angles the pattern repeats itself, so that it "flips" back to the first (or last) image in your view angles.

What types of photos are best to Floop?

Photos that have a lot of depth in it work well, also photos where the photographer has worked with his focus give nice results. Lighter tones in combination with darker areas also are great to watch.

What types of photos are not so good to Floop?

Any photo deserves a chance to be Flooped, but we do see that studio pictures with a white or equal background colour have less depth to show.

Photos where there is no specific focus are also less likely to have a great depth experience. For instance, a group picture often tends to not have the result the photographer was hoping for.

To get more depth in your image, make sure that there are objects in the fore- and background of the object of attention.

Do Floops work with Photoshopped images?

Most retouching of an image will be fine for our Floop algorithm. If you have worked with layers in your picture, it depends on how natural you where in applying them.

How do I upload my photo to Floop?

On our store page, you chose the size you want to order. You can than upload the image from your Phone (Android & IOS), computer, camera, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google photos, Evernote, Flickr or One Drive.

Is Floop patented?

Yes, we have a patent on the depth analysis software that we are proud of.

You are working with plastics, are you ecological responsible?

We like to think we are very responsible. Our plastic is a PET plastic, which means it is 100% recyclable. Rest material while printing and cutting the Floops is gathered on a daily basis and recycled by us in a responsible way. Please note Floops are not bio degradable, so please don’t put your Floop in the ground, no tree will grow out of it. But talking of trees, to make our ecological footprint positive, our missionstatement has us reverting 15% of our profit to preserving the environment. This is not just an empty statement, but in the DNA of our company.

I ate my Floop, what now?

First, call a doctor, Floops are not for consumption. Second, order a new one and don't eat it again!!!

What does Floop mean?

We think the name represents the fictive sound the photo makes when you are looking at it from multiple angles.

I have very old photos, can they be Flooped?

Yes absolutely. As long as you have a digital file of these photos, we can calculate the depth in them and bring these pictures more to live for you. Please scan on the highest resolution possible so our algorithm can work with more info.

Can old slides be Flooped?

No and Yes. You first need to digitalize your slides. There are online services for that, or you can buy a machine to do it yourself. After you have a digital photo file like a .jpg, we can Floop that for you. You will see that Floop works great with your old slides and make great mementos for loved ones.

Can negatives be Flooped?

No and Yes. We recommend you to first develop the film and then digitalize it, from there we can accurately Floop it and calculate the natural depth of the picture.

Can I make a photo of a Floop?

Yes you can, but since the photo is flat, you will than see a flat image of the Floop on your photo…. But if you than Floop the photo that you made of the Floop you will get a Floop again with a Floop into it. If you take a photo of that Floop with a photo of a Floop in it, it will be flat again. But there is a solution to that…. Yup you can Floop the photo of the flooped photo that has a picture in it of a photo that is Flooped.

I have a postcard, that has a better 3D popping image than what you guys do?!

Cool, please cherish it. This picture was made by hand by an artist that wanted to enhance a certain 3D effect. We are pretty sure it is not accurate and natural, picture perfect like a Floop is, but still tremendous fun to have.


What is your return policy?

Why would you want to return a Floop? They are the most beautiful things in the world, it’s like returning an Unicorn to the petshop. Why?!

No, but to be serious if you are not happy with your Floop, please contact us.

Where do you ship to?

Everywhere, but with extra cost outside of the Netherlands. But we would love to have our Floops on all corners of the world. If by chance you are one of the two people who lives at Maatsuyker Island, we will ship a Floop to you for free.



What is a Floop made of?

A Floop is made of (lenticular) lens material that consists of PET plastic and a cardboard backend. We strive to use 50% recycled plastic in our lenses and make them 100% recyclable. The plastic lens can be recycled in the same way as a soda bottle.

What types of Media do you convert?

Any regular image format, preferably PNG or JPEG in RGB colors. 

Can you also print text?

Yes we can, but at the moment this is a special inquiry service. So if you need text on your Floop, please contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.

What is the resolution of your printer?

We print on 720 or 1440 DPI based on the size and the quality of your product.

What sizes can you print?

We print all A sizes going from A7 up to A1, we also print square pictures in 10x10cm up to 120x120cm. Not all sizes are availible in our shop yet. So if you have a special request, due to the nature of your picture/ artwork, please contact us.

I put my Floop in an Acrylic bath and now I can not see the depth anymore!?

Yup, you should not have done that. You ruined a great Floop. Acrylic as a substance fills the air between the lenses and becomes one big coverlens by doing so. You lose the power of all the single lenses and now have a normal flat picture again. It is like kryptonite, it counters the superpower of Floop.

Can I also print a Floop on other material like Canvas, Metal or Glass?

No, the Floop is designed for lens material. You can choose another non paper background if you like (upon special request)


I am a professional photographer and would like to be featured on your site?!

Great, we would love to meet you. Drop us a message on our contact page, with your name, insta account or link to your website/ portfolio and we will contact you.

I have a special project I want to use Floop for....

Always happy to hear from you, send us a line on our contact page and we will set up a video call.

I am a photographer and would love to have a demo?!

Floops are best enjoyed when you see them physically. You can order some demo prints for yourself, or visit us at our office and have a look at our demo material.



I want a Floop on a different photoproduct than what is shown on your site?!

At the moment this is all we can print, but please drop us a line of the type of product you would love to have a Floop picture on. This will help us to create more great products in the future.

Can I be a reseller?

That depends. We are looking for great business opportunities and getting our Floops known all over the world. If you have a good network, business or platform, please get in touch with us via our contact page and we can talk about Floop bizz.

I have a special request

We’d love to hear from you, and hope to help you out, please turn to our contact page.

I am a retailer and would love to have Floops in my store as advertisement material!

Cool, we would love to do business and can print up to A1 for you. If you want Floops in a larger volume than 10, please contact us, so we can help you with the best possible deal.

I am a retailer and would love to have Flooped products in my store as a brand

That is awesome, we are in the business of making limited artwork product collections for your shop. Please drop us a line on our contact page and we will contact you.

I am a postcard maker and would love to make a collection with you!

Floop loves postcards. It is one of the few industries that has always used lenticular printing to give people a smile. Please contact us about the place you are based, your distribution network and the required IP on the pictures and together we can create a lovely Floop postcard line.

I own a (commercial) photo database, that I want to have Flooped?

Cool and congrats to you if you own or manage a commercial photo database. We would love to work with/ for you. We think we can either help you sell Flooped photo products or help you expand on your database by having a 3D variation to sell.

Can I have my businesscards as a Floop?

Yes you can. We think this is a very good idea. Choose a cool photo and send us the details via the contact page We really hope that your business will thrive even more after you dazzle all with these great cards.

If I order a big quantity of a single Floop, do I get a discount?

Yes, try us!!!


I am a reporter and I want to write a story about Floop

Wow, we are honoured that you would take the time to write about us. We are always happy to chat about Floop. Send us a mail or fill in our contact page and we will send our founders to a media training to give you all the desired answers. No, but seriously, write, blog and vlog about us, we love journalism and are devoted to the cause of good storytelling.