Graesen Arnoff

Floop Photography is travelling the road often taken with the special 'The Chicago commute' series by Graesen Arnoff. The series is part of 'The Limited art collection' and consist of 6 Chicago based photos shot by Graesen Arnoff on his many daily commutes. As a collection, they share the experiences of commuting to and from Chicago. Each photo is captured to highlight the experience of the commute, not necessarily to capture the beauty of any particular part of the city. These experiences can be positive and full of color and energy and some might give a more negative, chaotic, or dull feel to them. Floops 3D printing technique brings even more life to these often ecclectic scenes of people, traffic and architecture.


Every work of Graesen is Flooped and printed on 30*40 hard white PVC board.  It comes numbered and every work is limited to 50.
Comes with a certificate of authenticity and is autographed by the artist.