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Floop my Poster 

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Floop my Photo 30x20cm--Landscape 

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What others say about Floop

What Youtube's The Photobook Guru says about our Floops.

  • It is a great idea
  • It is something different for the wall
  • The effect is subtle but not silly looking
  • It is going to turn heads around when people come into your home
  • It’s a great gift for kids but would go well on the wall of a modern room or office too

'A print of this startup is a real eyecatcher…. You keep watching your Floop with fascination, there is so much more you can explore visually'

'When my mom opened the package, we were sold immediately. It looks very nice and the print was of good quality. You can clearly see the 3D effect'.

'Carefully we hang the Floop on the door and take a few steps back. Wow, what an image. This is remarkable. Because of the special print technique the photo comes to live. A few small steps to the side and the images becomes even more powerful. It is almost as if you can look behind them, as if you can see the back of the children. Ofcourse this can't be done but it gives you that impression of dimension. You can almost see the long grass moving by the summer breeze'.

How cool is this? The print is so live like, you have the feeling you can almost step into the picture. Reliving the moment, by watching a print? it is now possible! Floop Photography prints 3 Dimensional prints that almost feel like you can stick your hand into the print. Everytime I look at it, I am back in the moment'!

Upload your photos straight from your phone, computer or webservice to convert them into 3D

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Photos types we love to Floop into 3D for you






New born



Photos types that are not Floopable

Give us a break, we can't be good at everything right?!

Large groups, is a no go area for us. The photo will become vague.

Rule of thumb 3-5 person in focus is the best we can print due to the nature of the used lens material.

Photos from space and Floop are not a match.

Rule of Thumb: If NASA has a hard time calculating the depth so do we.

Studio Photography, with white, black or mono coloured backgrounds will become flat.

Rule of thumb: We like photos with a background(story)


You need to see this with your own two eyes. Due to the special lens material we use, you can only see the full depth effect on a printed Floop. Your monitor or smartphone is made for 2D viewing not 3D. But your eyes can do 3D perfectly :)