Photographes of the American West as curated by the Boston Public Library.

To celebrate our new depth analysis Ai called we are launching an affordable art collection with some very old and stunning photos of native Americans. Found on the Free stockpage of Unsplash, we were in love with these people and faces and used our online free for all tool,, to make them 3D.

This collection of 12 images will be very affordable priced at €85 and will be printed on A2 Lenspaper. We will print no more than 10 of each and all will come signed and numbered.Please note that for this collection, we are using a free stock photo and we are in no way associated or collaborating with the Boston Public Library. We salute them for being pioneers in the ‘Free for all field’ and have honored the creative license, by selling not the original work, but a 3D model of multiple Ai-build images of the original. We also stay close with their ‘Free for All’ initiative, by making next to no margin on this collection. We just want to bring this American heritage to your attention